In today's rapidly evolving world, innovations emerge continuously, revolutionizing the way we live and work. Outdated paper business cards have undergone a remarkable transformation to keep up with this digital age. Discover the smart shift that has replaced traditional cards with technologically advanced solutions.

Empowering a greener future using sustainable cards

What’s doup? Doup offers a range of game-changing business products designed to elevate your professional connections. Our products are equipped with integrated NFC technology, a dynamic QR code, and a user-friendly platform for hassle-free content customization. With doup, your phone can effortlessly communicate with nearby devices or codes within a 4 cm range, allowing swift connections and seamless retrieval of information. Experience the power of NFC, enabling quick data transfers of up to 1 megabyte, including links and text.
What’s NFC Technology? NFC offers unparalleled flexibility, surpassing Bluetooth with its versatile capabilities. Unlike Bluetooth, NFC operates without the need for an active signal from the second device, allowing you to receive information. The NFC chip is integrated in our customizable doup products, and when touched by your mobile phone, your encoded information is effortlessly transferred by the card, instantly displaying it on your device.
Why Doup? Doup offers the convenience of ordering your product in your desired design, whether it's the sleek plastic or the natural elegance of wood. When you acquire a Doup card, sticker or wrist band, you gain complimentary access to our exclusive platform. Seamlessly edit your profile and customize the displayed content to your exact preferences. Showcase a curated selection of links to your pages, social media profiles, captivating photos, engaging videos, calendar reservations, and an array of other options.