Every day, a variety of innovations are introduced around the world, and products that are still in active use today are being replaced by more technologically advanced solutions. So it was with the outdated paper business cards - they had a smart shift!

Our mission is cards that care about nature

Doup. - a new era of business cards Doup. - Business cards with integrated NFC technology, a QR code and a platform that allows you to edit the contents of your business card for free. Doup cards are based on the NFC function. This is a way for your phone to "talk" to another nearby device or code, if it is within 4 cm. With NFC, you can quickly connect to another device or retrieve small amounts of information (up to 1 megabyte) - usually links or text transmitted via NFC.
NFC technology - what is it? NFC has similar features to Bluetooth, but is a much more flexible alternative, as NFC does not require an active signal from the second device, meaning you can receive information not only from another smart device, but and from a sticker, or more precisely, an NFC chip. It is this chip that is integrated into the Doup card of the chosen design, and when it is touched to the mobile phone, the information encoded on the card, selected and presented by the card is received and instantly displayed on the phone.
Why Doup? We offer the possibility to order a Doup card of the desired design - plastic or wooden, as well as a convenient sticker. Along with the card or sticker, you will get free access to the platform, where you can edit your profile and choose what to display on it - links to your pages, social network profiles, photos, videos, calendar reservations and many more options